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Why I’ve already quit my 2019 Reading Goals

I’m not usually a quitter, but I’ve decided to give up on my goals.

Earlier this month I wrote a post about Romance Troupes, 130 book reading goal and limiting my book spending.. the Blog post can be found HERE..

It all sounded great and I was happy with the fact I’ll be knocking off quite a few books off my TBR..

What went wrong??

I should have realized I have a changeable reading mood. I devour certain genres for about a month at a time then move onto something else. right now, I don’t feel like reading what I have on my list and therefore have barely read anything this month…. so what now??

Well honestly, I think I’m just gonna read whatever I’m in the mood for. sounds simple, but I’m still going to keep a yearly reading goal but only on Bookly and Goodreads.

What are your thought?? Do you have reading goals and do they work for you?


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