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Romance Book Review: Ruled by Anne Marsh

The Rebel vs. The Princess

Complete opposites who share the same burning passion!

Jaxon Brady of the Hard Riders MC has sworn to protect Evie Kent from a rival gang. His hard muscles and black leather motorcycle boots are a sharp contrast to the girly dresses Evie wears for her successful party-planning business. Their instant attraction is magnetic, and their lust keeps them glued to each other’s side…but is it a dangerous distraction?

Ruled is the first book I’ve read from the ‘Dare’ line from Mills and Boon. It’s a much racier collection of books. They were started at the beginning of 2018 and I was lucky enough to

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥
Series: Hard Riders, MC #1
Pages: 156Genre: Contemporary Romance, Biker, 
Publisher: Mills & Boon; Dare
Sessions: 4
Time Taken to Read: 1hr 36 Minutes
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Christ, What just happened here?

I wrap my arms around Evie, holding her tight, and try to figure out when dirty sex took a dangerous right-hand turn into something…else. Not sure what to fucking call it, but all I know is that I’m not done with her


Ruled is the first Mills and Boon Novel I read from their DARE collection. DARE pushes the boundaries of sexual explicitness whilst keeping the focus on the developing relationship.

HOLY COW!! Mills and Boon have a Winner on their hands. I love MC Romance and I was worried initially about reading Ruled. Mills and Boon have a reputation for a slightly fluffy novels, whilst MC novels are rough and often uncomfortable whilst so very sexy. This was a mixture of the two and I personally feel that Mills and Boon have sauntered into a new market beautifully.

The Hero and Heroine were perfect, both character complete opposites. The development of the characters and their relationship was brilliant and the sex was HOT!!

The back story with Evie’s brother, the drugs, Biker Club politics and rivalry’s were on point and completely believable.


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