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Codpieces, Dogs, Religion & Single-life: 25 Facts about me

I thought I would do a quick fluff piece about me. This is way out of my comfort zone to do something about myself (being an introvert an all) so here goes…

Scruffles (fuzzybutt) Brown
  1. I love Graveyards
  2. I only wear rose smelling perfume, bath stuff or deodorant.
  3. I own a Yorkie/King Charles dog called Scruffy
  4. I’ve performed at the Royal Albert Hall
  5. I’m Catholic
  6. I’m 30
  7. I love history
  8. I can knit
  9. I live in a village
  10. I still live with my parents
  11. I am currently studying at The Open University
  12. I am single and pretty happy about that! ( not all women who read romance need a man!!)
  13. I have PCOS
  14. I do not want kids
  15. I want to be a Romance Novelist
  16. I have never been in love (lust, yes)
  17. I’ve only ever lived in the same place.
  18. I hate reality TV
  19. I feel most alive during Thunderstorms
  20. I am addicted to Period dramas
  21. I listen to mostly film score music
  22. I hate bad manners with a passion
  23. Addicted to Amazon
  24. I wear a LOT of Pink
  25. I headbutted Henry VIII’s codpiece at the Tower of London. ( I actually fell slipped, and when I raised my head I bumped Henry’s suit of armour…. specifically his codpiece)

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