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Podcast Review: Read Me Romance

Two authors, Three people, Free Smutty Audiobooks and a Bundle of laughs. These Ladies will definitely be on Santa’s naughty list.. and my wish list!!   

NY Best selling authors, Alexa Riley and Tessa Bailey, host a Podcast featuring an original AudioBook. Each episode is uploaded every weekday, with another section of the Novella.

Each Book has their own professional Actors who perform the novel, and the episode can be about 20-30 minutes long.


Alexa Riley and Tessa Bailey each present the episode with their hilarious quips, and stories. I was laughing so much listening to them, my sides hurt.

The first book Closer by Alexa Riley, has two chapters each episode, presented over 5 nights. Personally I binge listened to these because I know how I get for Alexa Riley novels!! I never want them to end!

The idea behind this is completely original and of course FREE. The ladies have an amazing list of authors coming up in future podcasts that I cannot wait for.

Season One Looks like this

Read me Romance

Untitled design (18)

5/5 Kisses of awesomeness


BTW the theme tunes gets in you head!!

Read me Romance
Read, Read me Romance
Read me Romance
Read, Read me Romance
You can take a look in a book that’s fine
Or you can sit back relax and unwind
Read me Romance
Read, Read me Romance
Read me Romance



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