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NaNoWriMo: Romance Novel Announcement

Hello Darlings!!!

It’s that time again where Writers join the thousands of other writers to complete 50,000 words in a month. NANoWriMo  is a great way to finish/start that novel you have been dreaming of writing.

If you have a novel of your own you are starting, let me know in the comments below. I’m looking for buddies, and I would love to see what other’s are writing this year…  

Below is the Synopsis and an exert from the novel I am currently writing.

It’s an Erotic Suspense novel Called Criminal Love.

Criminal Love Book Cover (1).png



I shouldn’t want the big man, with the homicidal smile. He was clearly dangerous or he wouldn’t be in prison, but everytime his eyes raked down my body from across the room I could help but shudder.. in pleasure. Besides he’s inside, not like much could happen.

That is until he’s released.


Gracie was the one thing I looked forward to the entire year I was inside. Her body turned me on so much. Pity I have to kill her brother, but first, I need a little leverage before I get my revenge.

I wonder if Gracie has a Kidnapping fantasy?


“Alright, Love. Fancy meeting you here?”


What is HE doing here?

“Did I scare you?” The slow grin forming on his face was wolf-like. Fear crept up my body, I was already out of breath from the treadmill.

I looked towards the exit of the private room, then back at him, in time to see the smile fall, and a scowl form in its place.

“We need to have a little chat” his rough voice sneered at me.

“We do?” I licked my lips nervously, his gazed zeroed in on my mouth. “what about?”

“Your brother” he looked away from me and around at the room. “He’s been a bit of a problem”

I gasped. This giant of a man terrified me. He looked bored, and his voice held a threat. He stopped looking around the room and brought his eyes to mine. He was so intense, he just stared.

I cleared my throat. “W-what has he done?” He spun on his heel, giving me his back, and started to inspect the machinery. I looked to the exit again, and taking my chance, ran towards it.

I got no more than a few steps when a massive arm, seized my waist, and lifted me off my feet, and planting me face first into his broad chest.

“Don’t fucking touch her!”  The suit wearing, prisoner from Broadmore, roared. The arm holding me let go and I slipped and fell on my butt.



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