Creative Writing

What is Creative Writing?

Copy of 18. First LoveHumans have been telling stories for hundreds of thousands of years. Cave paintings show that people have always had the desire to entertain and inform each other through different mediums.

There was an advert a few years back for Sky TV that particularly moved me. Dustin Hoffman was standing on a rooftop, above a vibrant but misty city. He said;

Stories; we all spend our lives telling them, about this, about that, about people. But some, some stories are so good we wish they’d never end. They’re so gripping that we’ll go without sleep just to see a little bit more. Some stories bring us laughter and sometimes they bring us tears but isn’t that what a great story does? Makes you feel? Stories that are so powerful, they really are with us forever.”

I often reflect on this when I struggle or doubt myself. I have a story inside of me, and I want to move people enough that they have to lose sleep because they wanna hear the next part of my story.

What is Creative Writing?

It is often said that creative writing is the art of creating a story using characters, plot, and dialogue. It is that, but more broadly its a story told that is made up.

It doesn’t have to be a novel or short story. It can be a poem, a play, screenplay or even a song.

There are a lot of different elements to creative writing. Such as which narrator to use, character identity, conflict, dialogue, rhyme, rhythm, theme, and plot. I often get overwhelmed by the terminology, which causes stage fright. That perhaps if I don’t know all this stuff, then maybe I shouldn’t be writing at all, and I wonder if anyone else has those doubting thoughts.

National Novel Writing Month starts November 1st, and over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting some things that I find helpful when starting NaNoWriMo, and researching some of the barmy terms for things you probably already do.

This year is going to be awesome.



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